Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Katharine Emlen and I am the writer and photographer behind The Poetry of Nature.

I have always lived inside my imagination and allowed everything to be sentient. It makes for wonderful stories!

Sometimes I pretend that I am an ant. Because if I were an ant, that itty-bitty water drop would be a pillow to rest upon, and that blade of grass a slide, and the fallen spider web...a jungle gym to play on.

These are the photographs I take, what my imagination sees. So even if the image shows three drops of water on a leaf, the picture might be of a family who just finished a journey. Or a I'll see a twig, tendril or leaf that expressing something, just like we do, and it might be happy, sad, tender or dramatic. 

When I find one of these stories, poetry starts to write itslef in my head, what I feel this macro-landscape, if you will, is saying. So, I inlude this poem with the image, and this is why I call myself "The Poetry of Nature"

Almost every image in The Poetry of Nature series was taken no higher than a foot off the ground. Nothing has been photo-shopped or manipulated in anyway. The colors, compositions and reflections in the water drops are real. Isn't mother earth exquisite?